- What is the minimum monthly revenue needed to receive the payment ?

The minimum revenue is 100$ every month and if the user's monthly revenue didn't  reach the required amount then this month's payment will be canceled and added to the next month's payment.


 - When are the monthly revenues delivered ?

Monthly revenues are delivered between 25 - 30 of every month on condition that the user's revenue reach the minimum requirements.


- How can i integrate my domain with your name servers ?

By contacting your domain provider and provide it with our DNS address that are mentioned in the email sent to you or through your domain management panel if existed.


- What kind of platform dose Momento Group has ?

Momento Group owns a special platform used for video and article uploads and content management programmed by Momento Group's programming team. 


- How many videos or articles do i have to put on the platform in order to activate the ads ?

To activate the ads you must have a content on the platform of at least 20 videos or articles.


- Can i publish a content that has Copyrights or Ownership rights ?

No you can't publish any kind of content that has a copyright or ownership right because it is considered to be a violation to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service 

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